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In search of premier tree services in Armonk, NY? Look no further! Christian Tree Service stands as the epitome of excellence in tree care, having dedicatedly served the local community since 2015. Widely regarded as the foremost company in the region, we boast an esteemed A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a stellar 5-star rating on Google Business. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our proven track record speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering top-notch service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us – your trusted partner for all your tree service needs. Call us today to experience the Christian Tree Service difference!

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Emergency Tree Service In Armonk NY

Climber Tree Service in Armonk NY

Dealing with a fallen tree is never an ideal situation, and it often occurs during prolonged storm conditions that can extend for days. This not only poses challenges in terms of access but also raises the risk of potential damage to your property or even your home. Swift action is crucial to address safety concerns and pave the way for any necessary repairs.

Our team of skilled tree specialists is well-equipped to promptly assess such situations, formulate a comprehensive plan, and initiate the necessary steps. With cutting-edge equipment at our disposal, our crews are capable of handling virtually any tree emergency, 24 hours a day. 

When you find yourself in need of emergency tree service in Armonk, NY, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer upfront pricing and a level of professionalism that sets us apart from the rest. Experience the assurance of efficient and reliable service by giving us a call today.


Ask us about the emergency tree services we provide. Our team of experts can help you in any emergency tree situation. Call to speak to one of our professionals.


Call us to learn more about our tree stump removal services. We service Greater Danbury and all surrounding areas. Call us at (203) 648-2443 or (203) 482-3468 to learn more.


We specialize in all types of commercial tree services and offer emergency tree service throughout Connecticut & New York. Call us to speak to one of our experts.

Our Tree Services

Pruning and trimming is a key factor in maintaining and optimizing the health of trees in an urban setting. Besides keeping your trees healthy and beautiful, Arborway Tree Care’s services can help the structural integrity of your trees, which can be critical for safety and liability issues. 

Our team of Certified Arborists will evaluate your tree’s condition and determine if Pruning, Cabling, or Plant Health Care is needed. We can also ascertain if it is time to remove a tree that is dead to ensure the safety of local people and property.

Pruning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased and conflicting limbs to improve overall tree health and safety. The industry-developed A-300 standard is our guide and outlines best practices for pruning and care. Each variety of plant has different needs and requires specific techniques, and being done properly, will result in a landscape that adds beauty and value to your property. We are your Trimming Tree Service in Armonk, NY! 

Stump removal involves two main methods: stump grinding, utilizing specialized machinery to grind the stump below the property surface, or excavation. While tree removal may be straightforward, dealing with stumps presents complexities due to their thickness, proximity to the ground, and moisture content.

In stump grinding, a specialized machine addresses common issues encountered when cutting a tree stump below ground. Though somewhat time-consuming, it proves less invasive than excavation, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.

Excavation, as the term suggests, entails digging up the stump’s roots with heavy equipment. This method leaves a substantial hole that requires backfilling and tends to be more expensive. But when the grass grows back it ill stay nice forever without the topographic distortion of grinding. As your go-to stump removal tree service in Armonk, NY, we offer efficient solutions tailored to your needs.



Tree removals are most common after a storm but can also just happen over time. Even when a tree poses no threat to people or property downed trees on your property can be unsightly and can provide a home to critters, snakes, and bees. So it is important to remove a downed tree on your property. Even when the tree is not readily accessible by truck our tree experts can quickly and cost-effectively clear them for you. 

Many property owners like to keep the wood from a downed tree for burning in a fireplace or wood-burning stove. If that is the case we can cut your wood to the desired length and even split it on-site. 

For your branches, our crews are equipped with state-of-the-art wood chippers and once again can leave the chips on site if you like or haul them away for disposal, recycling, or donation. Call us to remove your downed and damaged trees today. We are your tree removal tree service in Armonk, NY! 

Sooner or later a storm can and likely will hit your property and when it does the damage from downed trees can be catastrophic. Downed trees from a storm can make access impossible, leave you without power, and even destroy homes and businesses.

 Sometimes people try to remove the trees themselves and this is not advisable. Trees can be dangerous businesses and are best left to expert tree services like Christian Tree Services. 

We have the right equipment to quickly tackle any job in a safe effective manner that will quickly get your storm-damaged property back in working order so you can begin the process of repair and getting your life back on track.

When we leave after the job is done, you will find that it is almost like we were never there. We clean up the site and can even remove the wood from your property if you do not care to keep it for later use. We are your storm recovery tree service in Armonk, NY!


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See What People Are Saying

Brian Matte
Brian Matte
Christian the owner return my call immediately to schedule an appointment for an estimate. He gave me a date to start the work and stuck to the date. When all the trees were down as quoted his guys thoroughly cleaned and raked and removed all debris from the site.
Jorge Jaramillo
Jorge Jaramillo
Excellent work! These guys are hard workers, safe and professional.
Darrell Bradford
Darrell Bradford
I have used Christian Tree Service several times, at my home and also at my rental property. Pricing is very competitive and the crew did a great job removing some tall, dead ash trees. They showed up on time, completed the job quickly and efficiently; and left the property clean. I am happy to recommend them to others and will definitely hire them again.
Roger Bass
Roger Bass
Christian and team pruned and thinned our two very large overgrown backyard Maple Trees (as well as weed tree removal and other tree trimming) using their impressive state of the art equipment. We now have our long distance views back and the trees are “breathing“ again. Experienced, efficient and careful hard working crew. Excellent end of day cleanup. Highly recommended.
Patrick Shannon
Patrick Shannon
Would highly recommend Christian's skilled and professional team. I had to have 14 trees removed and the job had a number of factors that made it a more technical job than normal. Many were large trees near the house. Their big trucks could not access the majority of them due to steep slopes, other vegetation, and an inconveniently placed septic tank. Another had an old telephone/cable wire wrapped around it. They took it all in stride and with great care to the surrounding trees, house, and property and cleaned up everything before leaving the job. Christian was a great communicator before and during the job and his price was competitive. Will definitely reach out to Christian again should the need arise.
Nina DiNicola
Nina DiNicola
Christian Tree Service was professional, timely, responsive and provided quality work at an incredible price! Would definitely recommend. We will be using their services again!
Tommy Benedetto
Tommy Benedetto
Christian Tree Service made the entire experience of tree removals a very safe and pleasant experience. Their quality service, and state of the art equipment was hands down the best value amongst all of the quotes I had received. Call them for a quote and you won’t be disappointed. 🌲🪵
Bob Lasko
Bob Lasko
Chris did a very professional job to my yard. when he left as if he was not there. all signs of tress removed and no damage to the property. i would recommend him for any tree work.
donna prentice
donna prentice
Professional work. We were very pleased at the work performed. They had a quick response time for giving a quote and it was not a long wait for the work to be performed

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